Hi Daniweb.com,

My PC shutdown automatically but the green LED light is on. When I press restart button, nothing happens. I need to press the power button for 5 seconds to totally shut it down. Then press the power button again to on the computer.

During Windows loading or sometimes on the Windows Log-in my computer shutdown again but the green LED light is on and I need to do the same thing to shut it off and turn it on.

I don't know the exact problem is. The last things that I did were:
1. I upgrade my RAM from 256MB to 1GB
2. Upgrade my Windows to Service Pack 2.

I brought my computer to the Computer Service Center for check up. And they said that to resolve the issue:
1. They need to install external video card.
2. There's a problem with my motherboard.

These are my computer specification:

Windows XP 2003 Service Pack 2

CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) 2.53GHz
Memory: 1GB DDR400 Memory
Motherboard Model: 865G-M8
BIOS Brand - Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Built in Graphics Unit: 96MB Intel 82865G Graphics Controller

Please help me!!!
Any help will be appreciated,
Thanks in Advance

Chances are it maybe be the mobo problem. Have you try changing the power supply unit?

Not yet. Actually after they install the video card. The problem still there. It suddenly shutdown again..

My computer is connected to the UPS for back up power supply. They advice me to plug the computer directly into the electric outlet instead of connecting it to the UPS.

Do I have to change my PSU?

I will keep you guys updated on this..

IT's PSU issue try another PSU... hope it works...