I have an emachines 3210, I have loaded up Call Of Duty 2 for my sprog and it keeps saying Fatal Error, Error During Initialization, Video Card or Driver Doesnt Support Dynamic Textures.

Any help would be appreciated - also talk in layman terms as I am not too hot on pcs :eek:

Also whatever page I am on a Messenger Service box up - how do I get rid of these annoying boxes.

I am on my knees begging for help

Cheers :mrgreen:


A) You might want to check your drivers for updates. Perhaps emachines are not to compatable with that software.
Right click on My Computer, select Manager, then manage Hardware devices. You can view your drivers from there and find updates for them.... best way would be to get the model numbers and check the manufacturere website for updates.

B) boxes, do you mean pop-up? Download a pop-up blocker... or use google pack you will get a google bar with pop up blocker and spyware software.

You should be able to play that game with no problems on an E-Machines, so I would suggest finding and installing the latest drier for your video card.

if you use winxp get the latest updates[sp2] to stop the messenger service as its been fixed in recent updates