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First of all, I realise there are a fair few related questions on many other sites, in addition to Microsoft Support pages. I have spent many hours on this issue, and this is where I stand and what I know/have been able to achieve:

  • I have an application written in Visual Basic Express 2010
  • There is an AxWebBrowser control in the main form
  • On computers with Excel 2010 installed (and running Windows XP), I've managed to get it working fine; I realised that I needed to change the registry so that the Excel documents would open within the AxWebBrowser instead of in a separate Excel window (see this Windows Support page)
  • On computers with Excel Viewer installed (and running Windows 7), the Excel documents continue to open in a separate Excel Viewer window
  • On the computers with Excel Viewer installed, there are eight additional registry subkeys with the names: ExcelViewer.Macrosheet.8, ExcelViewer.Sheet.12, ExcelViewer.Sheet.8, ExcelViewer.SheetBinaryMacroEnabled.12, ExcelViewer.SheetMacroEnabled.12, ExcelViewer.Template.12, ExcelViewer.Template.8, ExcelViewer.TemplateMacroEnabled.12
  • The fix given in on the aforementioned Windows Support page requires adding a new key in four subkeys (for Excel, not ExcelViewer) via "BrowserFlags"=dword:80000A00
  • I realise this value is a hexadecimal value. In regedit the Data value for these keys is 0x80000a00 (2147486208)
  • The hexadecimal value is different for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel in the aforementioned fix

I therefore assume there is a particular hexadecimal value I need in order to stop the Excel documents opening in a separate Excel Viewer window on those computers on which it is installed. I've tried using the Excel value 0x80000a00 in just .Sheet.8, .Sheet.12, .SheetMacroEnabled.12, and .SheetBinaryMacroEnabled.12, as per the fix for Excel. I've also tried putting it in all eight subkeys. None of this has worked, so I can only assume I need a different hexadecimal value.

I've scoured the net for a possible list of values that would help me with this, but to no avail. It seems this sort of information is kept under wraps. So now I'm appealing to all of you (and I hope this is the right section of the forum) in the hopes that somebody can provide a solution or at least point me in the right direction.

Many thanks for even reading this far - I realise that was quite a dense question. Any help would be greatly appreciated.