So I have with me a 64 bit version of windows 7 home premium and my laptop is 64bit when I bought it so I know it is compatible with it. Then I needed to do a reinstallation of my OS because of some driver problems.

Now I am in trouble because I accidentally installed a 32bit version because I was so in a hurry so I did it in our library at school because our school provide us with windows 7 OS home premium with a serial that can be used only once for IT students and I haven't used my free serial yet so I decided to use it at that time . I thought the x86 was 64 bit! So when I got home and installed my 64bit OS it won't install anymore my 64 bit installer is not compatible with the 32 bit I recently installed and it says the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. And now my drivers won't install too. any idea how I can resolve this? Thanks for those who will help I would really appreciate it

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You need to boot from the win 7 64bit cd. It looks like you are trying to install it from the running 32bit version.

Boot from cd and it should all work fine!!!


Sometimes ago i have also got this 64-bit problem....when i am installing i tunes software for apple i pod and then i have downloaded softwares 32-bit version.

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