Does anyone suggest a way of getting a HP Proliant ML110 first generation server to recognise 2TB SATA hard drives? The spec sheets read it only supports storage up to around 320GB, but would ideally like to get it running without any other expense.

The machine is a standard build G1 tower that I’ve bumped up the RAM to 3GB, Windows Server 2008 OS and successfully installed 2x 160GB ATA drives.

This is the bit I’m stuck with; I have 2x Western Digital 2TB hard drives (model WD20EADS) that I have plugged in via a PIX SATA controller. They are both recognised in the BIOS and configured as RAID0. When I boot up, in the OS Disk Management console the RAID drive is visible as offline, but get an error when try to make online. I cannot tell from here if the RAID drive is or is not the WDs.

Can someone suggest a way to get this set up going? Please ask questions if you need more info.


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Thanks, but as it turns out I didn't need to replace or add anything.
The issue may have been the controller chipset not liking drives that size.
I removed the machine RAID I had configured leaving both as independend drives. The Windows OS is on a seperate drive again, so when it started, both individual drives were recognised. I was then able to carry out a striped RAID on the 2 large WDs in the server OS.

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