Hi. I'm pretty good with fixing common problems on computers and am trying to expand my knowledge. Everyone seems to refer to hijack this! for something or another. Can someone please explain to me how to read the log and what the whole thing means??? I would greatly appriciate a demo

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There are many forums now where you can post your log from this program and pc techs will reply with what you can remove from your registry.


Hi Angry Jetster, welcome ot DaniWeb. :)

One of our members (dlh6213) has posted a very good HijackThis overview, which you can read here.
In that article, he also links to a good description (written by our friends over at Bleeping Computer) of the meanings of the specific categories of entries found in HJT logs; give that tutorial a read as well.
You can also browse through the threads in our Viruses, Spyware, and other Nasties forum to get an idea of how HijackThis is used help identify and remove malware.

One word of warning: Do not attempt to perform any fixes whatsoever with HijackThis unless you are doing so under the guidance of a troubleshooter well-versed in HJT log analysis! You can delete absolutely valid and critical components of Windows if you don't know exactly what you are doing.

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