I'm running Win XP (SP3) and I've noticed an irritating glitch in the last few months which I've finally solved, so I thought I would pass it on. It's pretty trivial, which is probably why I could find nothing for it.

I've always set Explorer to open a folder in the same window, but suddenly it started opening a separate window, which might mean I had a dozen or so windows open when I was searching for something (for instance a photo I'd mislaid) I had a desultory try at solving it before, but I finally tried reversing the choice and it worked! In other words, when you click on tools/folder options in Windows Explorer the box that opens shows as the second choice 'browse folders' and you can choose to open a folder in the same window or to open in a separate window; this has become reversed. So if you choose to open a folder in the same window it will open in a separate window and vice versa. Anyone else had this problem?

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maybe you have dyslexia :)

Wendy, I think explorer grows old along with an aged installation, accumulating little niggles and aches. It so happens that those radio buttons do absolutely nothing for my explorer; luckily it's running atm how I like it.
Ol folks often live in unkempt houses.

Thanks for the suport, folks! If anything it's old age (me, OS and computer) not dyslexia, but I don't think my eyes are deceiving me.

I try to show Hidden file and folder by folder optiom but when i click show all file and folder it not because fo virus so how can i active that option and delet virus

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