I know it is ancient but I have client that is still using Window 98SE due to certain accounting software which he refuse to upgrade. So the Window 98SE got corrupted and he want me to recover the data. All my Window 98SE and ME utilities software are all gone.

So I Just like to check whether there is any software that can recover and repair Window 98SE. Appreciate to anyone who can help.

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I would say that the first and best option would be to reinstall Windows 98SE and restore the data from backup, but of course that's not an option otherwise you would have done that, correct?

So, what do you mean by corrupted?

Is the disk bootable? If not, you can connect it as a secondary drive/external drive and you still may be able to access the data.

repair Windows? Microsoft has given me the opportunity for work for many years, but i assume that you know and have experienced that Windows repair is not a great option for recovring from any major issue. Reinstall and restore data is always best when working with Windows, in my opinion of course.


I would examine the disk with a dos boot floppy, and see if the drive is mountable. If it is, back it up from there. If it's not, try to fix the filesystem. If you can't, then you definatly have some work ahead of you.

You could also try to boot something else like linux, but you might have some difficulties with such an old machine.

Also, I would suggest that he runs windows 98 in VMWare or the like, and get a new computer, if he REALLY doesn't want to upgrade.


It is not bootable and it cannot be read ny another computer. I boot with Linux live CD. Can detect the hard disk but unable to determine the partition or filesystem. I even try Clonezilla but no luck. I try almost everything so I thought I post here for futher info. Thanks to all your reply.


Ok, so the filesystem is currupted.

You tried to use clonezilla to make an image of the filesystem, correct? That failed? If you can't even clone an image, then that's concerning. Did you have a big enough drive to put the image in?

I'm guessing it was formatted with FAT32? Try fixing it like suggested here perhaps.


I have try everything and finally the hard disk is the problem. Hard disk failure. Might as well lay it to rest. Thank everyone for your reply.

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