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I'm trying to track down the name/existence of software that I used in 1999 to 'write' a financial reporting system - it was a curious mix of spreadsheet with programming capability... Would any of you know about this? Its name was similar (-ish) to Visual Basic, but it wasn't VB itself... The way I was asked to use it was to collate financially reported information from a series of European entities and then present them in a specific format for the client. The client was Synstar (pan European disaster recovery computing service), since taken over by HP.

The reason I'm interested in tracking it down - is (curiosity, it's really bugging me that I can't remember its name!!... and also) to find out if there is something equally as logical, easy to pick up and user friendly that I could use. I would like to be able to take data from individual small/medium sized businesses and then have a lovely usable (customised) report pop out neatly the other end... I realise that there will be cloud based software that exists for this... but I'm enthusiastic enough to want to try for myself... (and I'm supposed to be studying/have teenage children/husband/housework and this would be a lovely excuse to do something that is not related to those... ).

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Any chance it could have been Power Builder or Paradox?

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