Hey guys,

I'am planning to buy a new laptop and I personally think that it shoud have SSD. I have read a lot that SSD's are better than HDD. So can you please suggest me any good laptop which comes with SSD. My budget is near about $800 and I don't need a large storage space as well.

Looking forward to your suggestions

Hi Kriti, That's an interesting question.

It's true that SSD's are quite faster than HDDs. It reduces the boot up time and also speeds up the system to perform faster. Regarding the laptop with SSD, I would recommend you to check out "Acer Aspire R 15" or "ASUS ZenBook 13". I personally use "ASUS ZenBook 13" and it's a well-engineered laptop. If you need more options, you can take a look at this post about best ssd laptops 2018.

Do let me know what you think about it :0

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You do not need to buy a laptop which has ssd. You can easily anytime change your HDD to ssd. Just use your existing laptop.

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