Can anyone recommend a free flv to avi converter? There is a lot of free software out there so I have choices but can anyone recommend one that is free of trojans, viruses, malware, etc.? I've already got the DivX codec and converter but the DivX converter will not do flv.

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Isn't the standard tool "ffmpeg" available for Windows too? At least, it appears to be. That's the swiss army knife tool I use for all my video conversion needs.

I was not aware of ffmpeg. Looks like just the thing I want. Mostly I've been using DivX although for editing I use VirtualDub. Usually I'm just recoding videos from my camera and running them them through DivX gives me a substantial saving in space with no discernable loss in quality.

Any suggestion on how to tell ffmpeg to use my already installed DivX codec? It doesn't appear in the list when I do

ffmpeg -codecs

You shouldn't need it for ffmpeg. Try to transcode your videos into some more compressed stream, such as mpeg4, mkv, etc. It has a zillion options, and learning to use it effectively will take some time, but basic stuff is quite simple. BTW, the avi format is just a wrapper for other stuff, such as mpeg4, etc.

ffmpeg is cryptic, to be sure. I was able to find a GUI front-end called Pazera which takes a lot of the mystery out of it.

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