My C drive was getting full without installation so I tried defragmentation on Windows 8. My disk was fragmented about 30% and after completing defragmentation around 5Gb of space was freed but still it kept showing that disk is 10% fragmented and after trying 2-3 times nothing changed. So I used Defraggler and instead of defragging the space, it reduced free space to 1Gb. I tried boot time defragmentation but didn't get any help. What should I do?

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I know it sounds extremely simple, but have to tried clearing temp files?

Something as simple as CCleaner might help you do this.


Ya have tried that. Temporary files were around just 30Mb. CCleaner freed 2Gb space but still Defragmentation ate up around 5Gb of space(It was suppose to do opposite). In fact, Defraggler is product by Piriform as well.


I would use WinDirStat to see where the majority of the space is being taken up. I had a program that was making a database in my appdata folder, turned into a 25 GB file over about a month. (app was Whatpulse but I bet the new Razer software will do the same with "HeatMap").

Also, note that Defragging a drive won't free space. It just defragments the files. If you are running a solid state drive, there is no need to defrag the drive. In Win8, you can 'Optimize' the drive which run the garbage collection and help improve speed. But again, it won't free space on the drive for you.

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