Hey all, I have an HP laptop. Just as of late, my mute button doesn't work sometimes. Now, you may think this because of I hit the laptop or something, but I find weird is that the mute button will work when Firefox is open or itunes, but for aim or just the desktop, it'll work for a second and then not work.

Any idea why?

i have a similar problem on an ibm laptop. works for windows media player etc but not for other things. Its a software issue with the windows driver as it works fine with linux (i dual boot)

make sure you have the newest drivers and system software from hp

ooo i declined that when it came up. can i get it off their website?

yes you should be able to get it from thier website

sorry to bump but i think ive downloaded the needed software upgrade and it still doesnt work... it only goes on mute when itunes is open. can anyone help?

I am having a similar situation on my HP laptop. A couple of ideas:

1. This didn't start untill I upgraded to Windows Vista, are you all using Vista or XP?

2. This only happens when iTunes is open. I can't use the mute button on any app while iTunes is minimized, and I have to maximize it for the button to work. When iTunes is closed everything works normaly.

My suspicion is that it is an issue with iTunes and Windows Vista. I have a feeling that once Apple releases a version that is more compatible with Vista, there won't be a problem.

I also suspect that because we both use HP laptops, there could be an issue with the QuickLaunch drivers. With my luck though, HP will be slow to release any hardware drivers updated for Vista.

On a completely different note, (though one probably applicable to the people on this thread) if anybody has had trouble with the Windows Aero interface and LimeWire, it is easily solved by downloading JRE 6.0 from Sun's website.

i am having the same problem my mute only works if the itunes window is open or itunes is not in use at all, i tryed uninstalling it and installing it again and that didnt help.
Any ideas??

It is a vista problem. its documented on apples support site.

im not running vista on my computer though im using windows xp.