Does anyone have information about Proxyway and ePrompter?

I used them and removed both when strange things started to happen. I think someone has and may still have remote access to my Home PC. Stuff got way too complicated for me and I took action.

I bought a new hard drive, slaved the old one and reloaded
XP SP2 with all current updates. Then I ran TM's HouseCall on all drives. I think the thing that goes bump in the night is still operating.

Three unexpected things have happened:

1. I no longer have the option to "Hibernate" or "Standby" out of Windows. It concerns me that Shutting down maybe giving the ghost opportunity to reload.

2. My sound is out and I can't find a Sound Device yet
a Notepad file just "appeared" on my desktop that reads:

"[InstallShield Silent]
File=Log File
Name=Realtek AC'97 Audio
Company=Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Realtek is the name that used to show up as my sound and audio
program, I believe. I don't know what to do with that file!

3. Then a folder titled "Investments" which only had stuff to study, suddenly locked me out as not having permission! I don't use permissions of any kind because I'm the only one who Uses the computer. I managed to get a copy of the contents out and onto another media, but that file is locked tight.

I'm open for advice.

I haveAvast and AVG and SpyBot loaded simultaneously. A couple times a week I run XoftSpy or SE AdwarePlus. None of this has kept the ghost or my fears at bay. Al F.

a complete reinstall i think may be the only option

I second jbnnet's thoughts, first try uninstalling the old HDD and see if the problem is still there, and to make sure that your new HDD isn't effected.