I have just been upgrading my PC during this process I accidently erased one of my drives containing my shared folders containing mp3's Karaoke files and zip and other files that I had collected to shareusing the western digital lifeguard 11.2 software. I used File scavenger 3 to recover what I could and moved them onto another formatted drive but a lot of the MP3's would only play part way through in Winamp I had to format my c: drive not the one containing my damaged files and during bootup scandisk XP pro intalled ran a scan on my recovered drive deleting stuff. Since then when trying to play any of the Mp3's I get a unknown file extension you may need different codecs to play these files also my zip and executable files and programs that I have stored on thia recovered drive wont run either the zip's wont unpack and the exe. files wont run. I still have the original drive in it's erased condition.
Any suggestions on what I can do A lot of these files I need for DJing.

Restore from your backup.
You don't have a backup? This is why you need them.

I have my working files backed up these were files in progress and shares.