The traditional way of copying a file is select the required files and do a CTRL –C. Open the destination folder and do a CTRL-V. I found this as a long process and by customize the SEND TO MENU option you can copy files in seconds.

This sounds simple and you can do it in less than sixty seconds.
You can create your own BASKET.

First you’ll need access to hidden files. So change your view settings to make all hidden files visible.
Tools -> folder options -> view (tab) and select the show hidden files and folders.
go to parent drive:/documents and settings/(user name)/send to

Open up my computer and locate your most used folders.

Create a shortcut of the most used folders in SEND TO FOLDER. You can do this in a number of ways.

Right click -> send to desktop (create shortcut) and move the shortcut from the desktop to the SEND TO FOLDER

Copy the most used folder and go to SEND TO FOLDER and right click -> paste shortcut. Voila!!

Just right click on any file/folder that you have to copy and select the 'Send to' option.

P.S. people who already know this, ignore it and don't rep me down. :)

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