I found this in a few different places around the 'net - hopefully it's helpful:

Stop Getting Tricked into Running Viruses

Stop getting tricked into running viruses because you don't see the file extension of an attachment.

  • Click Start, click My Computer, and on the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
  • Clear the Hide file extensions for known file types check box, and then click OK.

Now when you receive a file called something.jpg.vbs, you'll see the .vbs extension and know that it is not an ordinary .jpg file.

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And if using a P2P program eg. Limewire
Make sure you dont download an .exe

And if using a P2P program eg. Limewire
Make sure you dont download an .exe

Also be carefull when downloading .zip files, they can also contain viruses.

haha especially when a "usually 8mb" file is a 228kb rar

yeah and beware of download sites - read the reviews first

And, just as a general tip, if someone messages you out of the blue asking for you to 'see thier new vacation photos,' with a direct link to it. I would very strongly recommend to think before you click, and ask if they've been on vacation recently.

Concerning the P2P comments....if you do wish to use them...try DC++.....it is extremely advanced...it runs on a different network as GNUTELLA (Limewire, Bearshare, KaZaA)...I have used it....the moderators are very strict...and the more files you share, the better the network you are in. Hope this helps

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