Hello all.

I have a friend with an Outlook 2003 Contacts problem. Said person has a large number of contacts that she must regularly e-mail and quite enjoys using the pulldown field to select from which clients to address, as opposed to manually typing them.

However, a problem has recently cropped up. The pulldown field stopped showing up in her e-mails, as if there were no names entered into the Contacts List. Since this relates to the Contacts List, she checked both of those, only to find another problem. During the day, while she used her computer, she would send e-mails to different people. These names would be entered into her Contacts list, and she could tell, as they would then be accessible through the pulldown field after she had used them in e-mails. Unfortunately, while these Contacts seem to have been kept throughout the day, everytime she restarts her computer she finds that they haven't been saved at all. Thus, she has to go through another day of typing in names in order to access them through pulldown or store them in her Contacts List.

Is there some sort of function here that has been unchecked, or isn't quite working right? We know that the ubiquitous pulldown field is a part of Outlook 2003, and my friend also possesses another comp with a copy of Outlook 2007 where the Contacts List/Pulldown Field saves perfectly. I've looked through everything in the Options Menu, but I'm sure I've missed something.

Any help would be kindly appreciated.

It sounds like the data she is trying to access is that which is stored in Outlook's NK2 file.

When you send an email to a new address in outlook, is stores the address in a file usually situated at C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook called Outlook.NK2 which automatically populates you email addresses as you type.

There are a number of editors for this file about, but generally aren't free so i don't have much experience with them. A google search may put for in the right direction for that.

Perhaps she might like to back this file up and restore it to avoid losing the email addresses.

Alternatively she could save the email addresses to contacts.