I have a windows 2000 pc and all the icons are covered up by recycle bin icons. I ran ewido,adaware, spybot s&d and avg they found nothing.
sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but it doesn't appear to be a virus to me since all the scans came up with nothing. any ideas?

What happens if you click on the icons?

it opens the programs that are under the recycle bin, but its hard to make out the icons under the recycle bin icons.

When you say under the recycle bin, do you mean they are the recycle bin icon.

In xp, if you right click on the icon there is an option to restore default icon. Does such a thing exist in 2000?

if they are simply under it, then right click on the desktop and do arrange icons by -> auto arrange

if that doesnt work then you may need to rebuild you icon cache (ise tweakui for this)

thanks I will try the tweakui. nothing else seems to work.

thanks I got it fixed I had to download activicon and that had a simple way to rebuild the icon cache.

simpler than installing tweakui and clicking rebuild icons button?

same thing just clicked on button rebuild icon cache.