Business is the tortoise and hackers the hare

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IT Week reports that business is just too slow to respond to cyber-criminals, and as a result the hackers are simply worried about their ability to prevent them breaking in.

The article quotes Dan Hubbard, the Vice President of Security Research at Websense as saying that from a purely technological perspective "it is almost possible to admire the ways attackers are creating tools and using modern enterprise IT infrastructure to propagate their attacks" and that these are evolving at a faster pace than the security industry. "They haven't got business processes holding them back; they're free to innovate" he added.

The two technologies causing most concern would appear to be virtualisation and cloud computing. The former is compared to the early days of firewalling at an enterprise level when users complained about being restricted so security was weakened and the bad guys sneaked through, and the same is happening with server virtualisation. Cloud computing is equally scary stuff, it is suggested, with services capable of running an entire OS and streaming enterprise data right out the front door while the IT department only sees web traffic moving around.

To be fair, the article isn't all doom and gloom, but don't read it if you are involved in IT security from your business and want to put a smile on your face today…

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Cloud computing? Sounds interesting, may have to google that one.

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the fact is that most businesses run unsecure, unpatched systems anyway

loads of places run nt4/os2/other ancient systems e.g redhat 5

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Yes but the tortoise won in the story. :\

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