So i am trying to run ICS on my computer that is wireless, the router is up stairs and the reason i am trying to run ICS on my computer is because i am trying to hook my xbox 360 to the internet that way. Is this possible, it doesn't seem to be i keep getting an error that reads this when i set up the ICS.

An error occurred while ICS was enabled. ICS cannot be enabled. A LAN connection has already been configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing.

I thought this was because i was running dynamic IP's so I changed it to static and assigned to the two computers and and i changed the router IP to

Am I doing something wrong or does this clearly just not work. Thanks for the help.

Yes but no.

It can work with wireless, but that doesnt make any difference because Xbox Live doesnt work behind ICS anyway.

so basically im forced to go buy the wireless adapter that microsoft put out, have you tried doing this, or is it just an assumption. Also will their wireless adapter work with the new N format of wireless?

N routers nearly all support G too, so you can use older adapters with them.