OK, I'mi fairly new to this networking stuff, and I will greatly appreciate any help I can get with regard to my problems. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 Laptop with a mini-wireless card. I take it with me to work, and attach it to the network at my office with the cat5 cable, just like any desktop or computer would be connected (not wirelessly, of course, due to the fact that the network is WEP encryped and I do not know the WEP key). Is there any way to display the wep key when I am connected to the network via hard line? Again guys, any help would be great!

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That my friend, might be called a hack. Here are your options, first, determine where your gateway. Go to a command promp on your computer connected to the network, type> ipconfig and the default gateway IP address could be the wireless router. then, go to a url, and type (If that is the gatewoay or whatever that address is)... from there, you will see is that is the router. You will need to log in to the the WEP, first... see if you get that far.

I typed IPCONFIG /ALL and it showed the default gateway as, but when i typed IPCONFIG, i was told that was invalid ipconfig usage...bad command? And yes, it is somewhat of a hack, i assure you my intentions are not to cause problems, i mean, this is my job, but i would like to access the network wirelessly while i am in the office, and when i'm on my lunch break, and what not. I am connected to the network right now via CAT5 cable.

I'm nobody to be judging you what you do... so don't get me wrong. So let's continue where you left off,
the defaul gateway is, so go to your web browser and type: you will then be prompted to log in,

try these, in the following form






GOT THAT?? try those first.. .otherwise, you'll need a brute force technique. we can talk about that later.

Right, I will try that tomorrow at the office and give you the feedback. I have already considered brute force, i.e. airnort, airodump, etc, to generate enough IV's and capture them to crack the key, but, i figure to capture the IV's needed with the traffic on this wireless network, i might as well plan on getting the key with my first social security check. I just refuse to believe that there's not a way to display the wep key when connected to the network via hard line. I mean, it's gotta be somewhere...and even if it's encrypted with binary, i can crack that. brute force will be my last option, and i've already ran into a problem there, my wireless card isn't compat. with hardly any of the software needed to run the brute force attack.

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Ok, I am at the office, and just want to give you a little update. When i go out to command prompt, and simply type IPCONFIG, i get the following

Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection Specific DNS Suffix: 013ea6e
I.P. Address:
Subnet Mask:
Defautl Gateway:

Ethernet Adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Media State: Media Disconnected

*NOTE* The Wireless adapter is "disconnected" because it is automatically deactivated upon plugging in of ehternet connection.
Lets crack this damn wep key!

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I hope it's going well

Nope, not going so well, was waiting on your next instructions regarding command prompt and ipconfig commands.

Did you go to and try and log into the administrators account? It seems like you have not. Try the passwords extofer gave you. Passwords like admin and password might work. You have to do this before you can attempt to get or change the WEP key. Why can't you just ask your business IT guy?