I guess you could call it karma. HD Moore's company, BreakingPoint, found that traffic was being diverted to a scammer Google page. This kind of cache poisoning attack on DNS servers is not unusual, however this particular case was because HD Moore is the man who created the Metasploit hacking toolkit. What's more this kind of poisoning was recently made a lot easier than it used to be, in no small measure thanks to the HD Moore Metasploit project being the first to release software that exploits the new technological method for doing so.

According to PC Advisor it would seem that HD Moore himself was not the target of this attack, however, just an unfortunately high profile and somewhat ironic victim. The attack was actually against an AT&T network in Austin, Texas which served BreakingPoint.

When AT&T got owned so did HD Moore.

It was only a matter of luck that the hack was spotted. When HD Moore went to visit google.com he was redirected to the scammer pages which were a direct clone of the Google site. Apart from the fact that the hacker forgot to use the NASA themed logo that Google had been using that particular day...

Looks like the PC Advisor story, using an IDG interview, was not 100 percent accurate in as far as the HD Moore owned quote is concerned at any rate. The Inquirer (http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2008/07/31/hd-moore-owned-dns-flaw) has a piece about HD Moore himself saying he was misquoted, and never said he was owned like the IDG writer stated.

That said, the basis of the story seems sound, it's just that HD Moore wants to make it clear that "Stating that my company was "compromised" leads the reader to believe that there was some sort of security breach, which is reinforced by the fabricated quote."

So there you have it, HD Moore did not get owned and he was joking when he said he did. And while no BreakingPoint computer was actually compromised by the attack on AT&T, it was still a victim.

Pretty much like we have said in our coverage of the story here, in fact.

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