Hey Everyone!

computer is a hp dv2000
wireless router is a linksysG 4 port
internet provider is cox

My problem is that my laptop will not connect to my wireless router. But when I connect my laptop directly to the router via a Ethernet cable I get full internet.

When I push the yellow button on the router and it blinks white, I can see the router in my windows wireless connection as linksys_SES_28732 and can connect to it without any issues. But when the light turns yellow my computer will not connect to it.

Someone please help, I have been having this issue for about 3 weeks trying everything I can think of.

All the best,

How old is your laptop? The problem explained sounds like your built in wireless is not compatible with the service you have.

There is also one other possibility - Some of the machines provided by HP in your model suffered from an issue with their wireless cards and changing the card did not resolve thye issue - if your machine is less than TWO years old it may be covered by an extended warranty - PLEASE RING THEM TO FIND OUT - the website does not say anything about it.

To solve this issue if it is not covered by warranty you will need to use an external wireless dongle either USB or Expansion Port - with regards to the latter I would advise taking the machine to a local small store and ask them to find a suitable device. If they dont have one go to another store.

All the best