I have a strange problem, which I never saw before and wasn't able to find anywhere alike one.

What happened at first is I got some bad spyware and lot of it... My PC got completely messed up and after installing antivirus software and removing it - through my wireless network I could connect to the router however I would get some "strange" IP Address, unusual subnet: [usually it is] and no Default Gateway... what it would say is Aquiring IP Address and then just give me "Network has a limited connectivity..."

After that, I re-installed my OS [WinXP Pro] and also replaced my wireless USB adapter with another one... It worked fine for 1 day and then another problem started... When trying to get a list of servers either in CounterStrike or HALO [HALO I tried later], basically when trying to connect to "some" server, for example getting the list of servers or trying to join one --> at first ping jumps up horribly and then wireless connection drops... once disconnected from the server it re-connects..

I've downloaded Spyware Doctor, SpyBot, Windows Defender, Norton Anti-Virus... cleaned out a lot of tojans and other malicious software and also then re-installed OS once again and cleaned out some "left overs" after the installation, there were few..

Now, network-internet seems to be working fine, and seems like there is no trojans or any unwanted software on my computer, however I still experience the problem with servers: Ping jumps up, couple of minutes past wireless network disconnects - once exit the game/application or disconnect from the server --> wireless connection reconnects back to normal..

I am lost here, I don't want to format my hard drive - there is a lot of useful information I really need!

Did anybody saw that problem before or have some suggestions?

I'd really appreciate your help!

PS. Also I want to mention! I also have a laptop, from which I connect through wireless network [through the same router] and I tried the HALO game, which also requires connecting to the server and it works FINE! No connection drops or anything... so it is not the network overall... it is something with my computer...


just tried Quake 2, to connect to one of the servers, just for the hell of it.... -------> the same problem with wireless connection...

Just noticed another thing... when browsing internet, sometimes wireless connection drops and reconnects right away... drops for about 2-3 seconds and reconnects right away... something is really strange here!

I have had a similiar problem with the diconnects and reconnect issue. After trying several things I came across a setting under the properties window in device manager for my wireless card. On the advanced tab and under the property pane is a property called WZC Managed Ethernet. Try enabling it if disabled. Another option that may work would be to use a 3rd party wireless utility and turn off Wireless Zero Configuration in services

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