It's ironic in many ways that UK firms are asking for more help with IT security. The link is here but that's the basics of it - Brits aren't happy with what the Government is doing to prevent Cybercrime, particularly in the business world.

Well, OK, there's always more to be done and I'm sure Governments on both sides of the pond would like to see the Cybercriminals go away. Only...I do wonder whether we could all stop blaming IT and start looking at the people using it.

For example, as has been well-publicised over the last week, the UK's online tax return system is suspended. This isn't because of any real technical problem but because some fool's left a memory stick lying around with loads of user data on it.

This isn't the first time such a thing has happened, of course - the BBC has been good enough to collate some of the highest-profile mishaps for us. Speaking to businesspeople I'm often surprised at how naive they are about the risks to which they put their data. Do you encrypt, I ask: oh yes, they say. Do you have screens going off when people aren't sitting in front of them? Oh yes, they say. And what's your print policy, I ask. Print policy? They know nothing of print policies - and they have employees printing things out, reading them on the train and leaving them on the table when they take a body break, then I hear of actual hard copy documents being left in hotel lobbies...

By all means let's call for better security, and by all means let's look at the technology and the support Governments as well as anyone else can offer. But please, let's not overlook the fact that so many data breaches aren't made by the IT but by people and the strange ways they behave from time to time.