My sister set up a wireless webcam in her apt in the UAE so that my niece (her daughter) can see her when she wants. I've been online for hours trying to figure this out!!
She sent me the IP adress and apt router but I can't access it ;( There is a DNS error? I can ping the IP address but not on browswer? Do I have to be in Esitalat's Proxy? Need to VPN to the UAE and use a local gateway? I am a novice at this but would like to figure it out!

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You using XP?

Go network connections and choose new connection then connect to my workplace

its a good wizard


I tried this. :(((
The IP address she gave me is a public one. I also have the apt port to connect directly to webcam (not port 80)...I get a DNS error in my browser (explorer 7) but can ping the public IP address?


try enabling/disabling split tunelling

unsure if you read my first posts or not but I am a novice at this :confused: Can you tell me how to do that?

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