Is there any software out there which will send an alert to the domain controller or and email address when a computer is disconnected from a network, i.e. the ethernet cable is pulled out. maybe something that sends pings all computers every minuet or so and if suddenly it doesn't respond it sends out an email with the computer name and IP to the administrator.

This would be a great help as we have had computers being stolen from the network during the day when people are about where they are disconnecting the cables first then coming back and taking the base unit later so it is hard to find catch them.


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There is but the problem is everything on your network would have to be static ip, and what happens if someone shuts down a computer your going to get so many false emails your going to get tired of getting them your better off getting camera's. Or lock them all down this cable fits most standard cases and laptops http://www.inventorysource.com/images/dh/DH290092.jpg

We do have camera's but they just don't have the quality, all computers are on at all times and I wont be pinging any laptops as they are taken off site and are kept tight. I am only worried about the computers with a software for about maybe 2 months as we have had two thefts of computers during the day this week!!! We are looking into cable but tying down over 300 pc's with each one cable is hard, if we could get long runs of cable about 20m length we could do rooms together??

any ideas on the software names.

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