Can someone please help me? I am setting up a home network. One of my pcs works with the router and the other does not. The one that doesn't connect does show that there is a network connection, but I cannot connect to the internet. When I click on IE it's says it can't display the page. I know this can be a number of issues, but I just can't seem to find out what. Originally I thought it had something to do with my devices; because there was nothing sahowing in my device manager. I later found out I had some services turned off. I enabled all services and that did help my computer recognize the connection, but I still cannot connect to the internet. Please help. Thanks

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Post in the correct forum and you may get the help you need :).
Moving you there now, fasten seat belt.


As roleo said, what is your modem router/router? It may be a case that one of the computers is connecting to the wrong channel, and so you get that message.

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