hey guys, all my computers are wireless, i have 2 laptops and a pc, my 2 laptops work fine but my pc doesnt. I try to setup a network for my pc, the router shows but i cant access it because its asking for a network id or sumthing, i believe its called WEP, i have no clue wat it is, plz help! :o


You will need to describe how your computers are connecting to your access point. A number of wireless devices also have a wired LAN set of connections, so that you have two streams of data (wireless & wired) to move data along with. It is wise to put higher-traffic devices on the wired connections.

If your desktop is going to be wired, then you do not need to be concerned with WEP. If the desktop has a wireless card inside it (yes, they do make them!) then you will need to know the WEP key. It will be the same setup as the already working wireless clients. The WEP key provides encryption and connectivity for the connection.

Wireless connections use a "connection name" or SSID, along with either a WEP or WPA or clear encryption. Do not go the easy route and disable the security. That is asking for trouble.


i never had a WEP password in the first place, i dont know how the heck it set on its own, gah this is frustrating, can i access my router from the internet browser and change settings there or sumthing? thanks!

o yea the kind of networking is USB network thing

It may not be your router that your system is trying to connect to. If you never changed the SSID (the router name) on the router and you have a neighbor that has a router from the same manufacturer that never changed their's either, your computer could be trying to connect to their's rather than your own.

I recommend accessing the configuration page of your router and making some changes. First, change your router's SSID to something unique, but one that does not reveal your location. Secondly, turn on the security using WEP is minimal and WPA/SPK is recommended. If you don't have security turned on, anyone can access your network, use your internet connection, and possible access/modify/delete your files. Lastly, change your router's admin password. Too many people leave their routers and their systems wide open because they don't change the SSID, configure security, or change the passwords.