I could do with some help regarding DNS!

We have 12 offices each on their own subnet (,, etc) and each on their own domain.
These offices are connected via vpn links. There is a server at each office that is responsible for DNS & DHCP, and are DC's among other things. The majority of the servers are running W2K Server and two or three W2003.
At HQ we have a W2k Server that is the DC and responsible for DNS and DHCP. We also have a W2k server that is also responsible for DNS (secondary) and is also a mail server.
We have just purchased a piece of software called Servicedesk that we use to scan workstations on our network. It uses DNS to do this. This is fine on our HQ network but over the VPN's it fails.
What i want to know is if i configure the HQ DC to use DNS forwarding, and apply the remote branch office servers IP addresses, will i be able to resolve the workstations names back at HQ? :?:
I can ping all the servers and workstations from HQ but cannot resolve computer names.
I hope this is a clear explaination of what i need to do and will be happy to answer any questions that might help!!

Here is a link explaining how its done i'm just not sure if will do what i need!!:(

> We have 12 offices each on their own subnet (,, etc)

first of all those addresses are not subnets.

couldn't you just use the software physically on the other offices? that would make your life so much easier.

This is not an option due to licensing and cost so no it would not make life easier. If you have an actual answer to the question i asked that would be more helpful. Thanks!!

try it and let us know :)

try it and let us know :)

Try what???:confused: