hi i am really frustrated with netgear and geeksquad because the wont give me a simple answer as to how i unblock websites that are blocked by netgear firewalls and i really need help to unblock myspace and facebook. so if there is anyway that some one could give me step by step instructions on how to unblock myspace and face book that would be great thanks!

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Hello Clara,

Firstly welcome to Daniweb!

I'm assuming this is your own router? If they have been blocked by the Netgear firewall you'll need to access your routers configuration page.

Most routers use or
If neither of these work could you post the model of your router please? And I'll look it up for you.

It's a simple case of just opening the config page then ajusting the Netgear firewall - all pretty straight forward.

Hope this helps,

Dazza :cool:


Oh, and for future reference - support questions shouldn't really be posted in here, if you look at the top there are tabs for different topics. If you post in there in future you've got more chance of the right people reading it and helping you.

Dazza :cool:


User Name: admin
Password: password (unless changed)

First check if any site as blocked under Block Sites. If you can't see your websites listed, then you can add your ip address as a trust ip address, under the Block Sites menu.

Clicking Attached Devices will give you a list of IP address attached to your router. Might be worth noting them.

If that doesn't work then click on Firewall Rules, and 'Add' a new rule for both 'Outbound Services' and 'Inbound Services'. Ensure to sellect 'Any(All)' under 'Services'.

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