I'm considering domain name registration with Yahoo! Geocities. I've used their free service for years, but I'm think about finally gettting a .net domain. Any thoughts on the service before I start?

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I had a free geocities site and a few years back registered a domain name with them and have hosted my site with them ever since. I like their hosting package because I'm familiar with it and find it reliable.

But their support is oftentimes very poor. It got so bad that I transfered my domain name registration away from them but I do keep my site hosted by them.

I'd recommend registering your domain name with a different company to the hoster, that way you have more control. If you aren't happy or have problems with Yahoo, your domain registration is seperate, should you later wish to move your site to another hosting company.

I have an idea...

Lets say you aren't in the mood of paying a monthly hosting fee. You can register the domain through smallbusiness.yahoo.com for 10 dollars per year and have it forward to one of those free hosting services. This way you will have both a nice domain so people don't have to type in that long free URL and it redirects to your free hosting page. It's very easy to do!

You could register cheap on yahoo ..i heard they got affordable domain prices all the time and you could serach for hosting accounts on ebay or google...there are some sites that offer cheap hosting for >$5/month..

realwebhost . com
zeniors or something . com
suprservices .com
godaddy . com

Check whois info or ping them then check the pings whois info.

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