I have recently bought a Linksys Wireless Expander. I have managed to configure it correctly so it can receive signals from my router. However, I want to get the Internet on my new PC and it just won't connect to the expander. Do I need something special in my new PC for it to connect? I heard of a Linksys Network adapter but apparently, there is an IP conflict and won't work.
Have any of you got any ideas because I really want to use my new PC.


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Can you please provide some details about your new computer? Do you really need an expander for your home network? Your wirless expander works wirelessly the same way a hub or a repeater would. It receives a valid WiFi signal and rebroadcasts it out effectly increasing the range of your wireless network. Is your new computer a laptop or a desktop? Does it currently support wireless?
Assuming your WiFi router is set using standard settings it should provide a wirelessly enabled computer to receive IP addresses via DHCP. There really shouldn't be an IP conflict unless you have your computers IP address hard set to the same address that something else on your network has.
Please provide some additional detail.

Hi thanks for the reply.
I do need an expander because my router is quite far away from my PC and i need it to extend the signal. My new computer is a desktop and i am not sure if it supports wirless or not. When i go into device manager, I have a nVidia Network Controller which is working correclty and a Bluetooth Device RFCOMM which says isn't working properly - a code 10 (that's the error).

Hope this helps


your machine doesnt have a wireless card :)

It appears that James is correct. You will need to get either an internal WiFi card or an external USB WiFi device. Either of these will allow you to connect to your wireless home network. They can be purcahsed at most electronics stores for ~$40. Please let us know if you have trouble installing and/or configuring the card.
Good luck,

Thanks for the replies. My machine doesn't have a wireless card :D and I went out and bought an external wirless USB Device and it has connected to my Expander. The signal is superb and Windows Vista is living up to its expectations!!

Thanks Jeff

thats good to know

so does that mean you didnt need the expander?

was the reason you coulnt get a signal simply as you dudnt have a wireless card?

I did need the expander because if i just connected the USB device to the router there was no connectivity because the rouer is far away. I think i didn'tget the signal was becaue of the wireless card yeah.

Silly me!!!

hmm wierd

i got a small (size of a wallet) router and i get about 100m range

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