Hello everyone, my name is Anthony and I`m kinda new to this forum.

I`m studying computer security in the university at undergraduate level and I`m in need of a very good project proposal that can get me an A. I need something that encompasses biometrics, forensics and network security.


Sounds like you've been asked to cover some fairly interesting topics. My advice.. get motivated, do some research, check youtube for a quick video reference (you'd be amazed on how much informational content is on youtube) and get on it. If I'm out of date for your paper, take this advice for the future. If you are called on to do this often, and this is an issue of unfamiliarity with writing proposals, check amazon.com they do have consultant reference books (for writing proposals and consultancy like properties) that have good information for writing proposals of this nature. If you want to do well in the industry, be prepared to do the work.

Undergrad Network Administration/Security Studies