Hi All,

I found your discussion forum through Google and hope you don't mind sparing me a few moments to help out with something that I can't quite crack at the moment.

I have two networks in an office handling just three users:

1) Ethernet network going out on a private circuit via a Cisco 837 - each laptop has an RJ45 lead straight from the 837 into their Ethernet sockets.

Default GW:

Behind this router are networks running on a private range, which the 837 is running routing for (it's managed so I can't get on it to check which protocol). The 837 goes over a private circuit to the HQ.

2) A LAN running internally using the wireless adapter in the laptops, this connects to the internal network, which in turn can connect to the Internet via a Draytek ADSL router:

Default GW:

My dilemma comes due to both adapters having default gateways, so when traffic on network 1 is trying to get to a server behind the 837 (i.e on 10.201.*.*), the laptops don't know which to send it to.

The same applies to internet traffic going from the range - the laptops don't know whether to route it correctly to the Draytek out of their wireless adapters, or to route it out to the 837 via their Ethernet ports.

Currently to get on the internet the users are disconnecting the Ethernet cable from their laptops, so that only one default GW is in place; this then means they can't get onto the private network.

My goal is to allow them to be able to surf the internet over their wireless link (out to the Draytek for the ADSL), and still have their Ethernet cables connected to be able to connect to the private network over the 837.

The solutions I've been toying with are:

1) Install another router to sit between the 837 and the Draytek and manually set which ranges to route off to the 837, with all other ranges going off to the Draytek.

2) Use ISA server to route the traffic - my knowledge of ISA is terribly small, so this is an area I don't know a huge amount about.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions please!

Many thanks,


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