hi everyone,

how do you create a host name that is specific for my computer
or an ip address that is specific to my computer. I am using win 98 by the way and i have already created a simple socket server application but i don't know how to create a host name or ip address that is specific to my computer.

For your information i use a dialup modem to connect to the isp firefox telecoms to connect my computer to the web an thus what i am trying to do is to create a simple mini server on my computer. I have alresdy create all the other data packet transferring protocols but i don't know how to create a host name or ip address for a client to be able to dial up to my computer throught their local isp.

can someone please explain to be in detail how this can be done step by step if possible.

My e-mail is freesoft_2000@yahoo.com

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West

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If you're talking about a local network, you can pick any arbitrary host name that you'd like. Same for IP addressing; usually people assign 192.168.0.xxx (where xxx is 1-254) for their IP addresses.

If you're on a public network, like the Internet, you're assigned an IP address and a hostname. You can go to http://whatismyip.com to find out your IP address, which if you're not behind a router, you can give to someone, and they should be able to access your application.

Hello, the next question would be, what if I am behind a router ?
I have started a "server", a browser based game, I sent my IP Adress to my friends and they keep getting the "Connection timeout" error.

I have 2 PC connected to the router by cable and a netbook through wireless (sometimes)
can you help me in this matter?, is it, somehow, possible for my friends to connect to my game?

thank you.

what kind of ip are you giving them
if it is a 192.168.x.x ip go to whatismyip.com and give them your internet ip

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