I have a domain registered, DSL with dynamic IP, dynamic DNS service, server 2003 with Active Directory and IIS installed. My ISP is Verizon and my server is behide a router. I need some help to host my web from my server.
Very appreciated your help

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Could you please be a bit more specific about what exactly it is that you need? You listed specs which is all good and dandy...but what things do you want to know?

I think he pointed out what he needed....

I need some help to host my web from my server

First thing that you will need to do is setup an entry in your router that allows the specific ports to your server, generally this is 80 and 443. Once the router is configured to forward the traffic, you can then setup the dns for your domain, since your on a dynamic ip address, you will have to change this every time you login, what I would recommend doing is getting a dynamic name service, like dyndns.org or something of the kind, then making a 'CNAME' to your dynamic name, thus it will update whenever your ip address changes. As long as your ISP does not block port 80, which I personally use verizon and they don't here, then you should be able to then view the websites via the internet.

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