I love Window's Remote Desktop feature. Its the greatest thing, especially when your in school. I have one problem though. After 5 or so minutes, areas of the screen get big black boxes on them. The only way to fix it, is to reconnect. Anyone else expirenceing this? By the way, this is through Windows Remote Destop Web Connection (tsweb). Thanks in advance! :)

Hmm... at first, would've thought it would be a ram problem. You know, windows never clears the ram (stupid windows!!), but then if you reconnect it, you say it clears up. Continuing with the congestation problem, the network (well the school has a crappy network) is crap. The black squares seem to be appearing to if either a) your comp can't process the load of having to send (maybe compress) the imes to you so it just says make a big black square instead of a lot of small red, white, blue, and etc. squared. b) try an alternative, there has to be a java alternative. Java would be the best thing for this, bypasses the schools lack of downloading (i think).

I have went through and tired all types of different Remote Access programs such as: PC ANYWHERE/VNC/Windows XP Built in one I think and highly recommand Remote Administrator 2.0.


Get a trial version there and try it for your self it is awesome.

Tek... told ya remote admin is da best. I've been using it for like half a year already and i love it! So nice being in your living room and controlling your desktop. Or just eating and controlling as many computers as you want from one mere laptop. This is da best!

Remote admin 2.0? that's kinda old, i'm usin remote admin 2.1

VNC... is crap, isn't it FREE (that's y it sux)?

Bad part about remote admin is that i think are kinda... bland. I dunno if it's cause i'm running the remote admin software at 16 colors or what... but the colors don't seem right. Maybe i should bump it up to 256 colors and see if it gets better.

Hehe I'm sorry I meant Remote Admin 2.1 and there is an option where you can set any computer you have access to 65536 Colors hehe and best part of about it, it will start at that many colors all the time.

Yeah... I've heard a lot about that one, but I need something that I can do over the internet through a browser. Windows Remote Desktop is the only one I can think of.

There was one I forgot the name of it. It's crazy you do it through a brower no programs needed! When I remember I will post it here but yes you can get Full Control, Keyboard, Mouse movements all that it's awesome.

Simple Answer I hope.

I thinking this is a Windows Based OS.

Start/Setting/Control Panels/Folder Options or Internet Options


In IE Tools/Folder Options or Internet Options

Once your there go to

"Advanced" Tab go to "Multimedia" Section
once your there Check "Show Pictures" if it is checked uncheck it Apply and then check it apply then ok out of there.

I hope this helped you believe me it helped me before as well.

I dont know how that will help me. I wasn't even in IE... i was in Opera. lol

lol no idea then try updated your Video Card sorry cant help you lol. hehe sorry about that

Wow... mad_dog... i hate to say it again... but you couldnt be any more off! (lol) If i replace the video card in my computer, how would that affect an image of my screen that is being transmitted over the 'net. Also, if i change the video card in the guest computer, how will that affect the image that its recieveing. (if the image has all those black spots, it cant do anything about it). But.. thanks for your help anyways

MAD DOG: Quote lol no idea then try updated your Video Card sorry cant help you lol. hehe sorry about that

well man like I said "sorry cant help you" lol

if ur still interested in a browser based remote access tool try checking out www.expertcity.com - we use it @work & its pretty kewl 8)

hmmmmm you in LA? a company here my company was having problems with was Expert City hmmmmmmm give me more info about it

no, Long Island,NY; the URL will prob give u all the info u need, but basically we use it to remote access pc's to help troubleshoot configs; the caller needs to have connectivity & we have'm download an applet we send'm; i'm considering getting the personal ed 4 myself, but thats like number 8 or 9 on my list of things 2do...