Two computers hooked together with not sure the model but new, reclaimed /or refurbished ,D-Link wireless Router and Wireles Nick card . from TigerDirect.CA .Cable connection.Everything seems to be hooked up right ,They cloned the macAddress as instructed on the D-Link web site ,worked the first day ,reboot the next morning and it will no work any more .Any Ideas , !thanks .Its my sisters computers and her Son hooked it up .

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The Internet connection won't work, or is it that the wireless connection between the computers and the router can't be established at all?

1. See if the LAN-side of things is working. The D-Link is probably acting as a DHCP server, using IPs in the 192.168.0.x range; the D-Link router's default Lan-side IP is

- On both computers, open a DOS box and do:
ipconfig /all

Are the computers obtaining valid IP, DNS, gateway, etc. info from the router? If so, note each puter's IP addy.

2. Ping each puter's IP from the other. Ping the router's IP from both machines.

3. Try to ping an Internet site by URL and by IP:

4. See if the WAN side of the router id getting proper IP info from the ISP by going to the router's setup utility (if possible, of course) and checking the status page.

Yes the internet connection won't work, not even sure if they tried to do anything else .I will go to my sisters to-morrow and try your suggestions ,thanks .

Got it ,the The wireles card wasn't setup right ,well it was, but the second time he loggin on to his computer he thought he would change the Domain name i think ,from default to his name ,and they need to be the same ,right !!

Depends on exactly what you mean by domain name and where it was changed. If you mean that he changed the computer's name or the name of the workgroup it belongs to, that shouldn't have killed access to the Internet. Since the Mac address and probably the account name given by the ISP are now being "spoofed" by the router, changing computer or workgroup names on the LAN side of the router shouldn't prevent Net access.

Hmm... although, I'm assuming the router is performing NAT. It is, isn't it?

not sure .i really don't know that much about networking .
Just know it now working since i configured the Wireless card to refelect what I seen in the main computers settings ,and disabled the unboard nic card just to make sure there ws no conflicts,and it working now .!:)

OK. No need to delve into it too deeply as long as you got it working- I was just curious...

OK. No need to delve into it too deeply as long as you got it working- I was just curious...

Thanks for your help ,It was you suggestions about Pinging that got us on the right track!!

Hey cj- glad you got it going. Don't forget to send them the bill. :mrgreen:


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