I was thinking a KVM switch but I think it doesnt have a switch to turn from pc to pc it is software done, what do you do on setting this up .etc what cables and stuff


The KVM switch im buying does not come with softare or cables.

See image attached


Hmmm, no cables, hunh? Well, You need a power cable to plug it into the wall, but those are a dime a dozen, then you need keyboard, mouse, and monitor cables to go into the far left set of plugs. Then you will need a set of mouse/keyboard to USB converter cables and a video cable for each of the computers you want to control from the switch. I am not sure that you would need a any software but dang - no cables, that might hamper you a bit. and I don't see any way to get sound from the computers. If you are paying money for this - find out how much you will need to pay to get the cables.

I think he was talking about using cables to connect all of the machines to the KVM itself, but using a small software application to do the actual switching... meaning no hardware switch. The KVM would be somewhat of a hub for Keyboard, Video, Mouse with software monitoring which machine is currently in use.. A very good idea I have to say... I assume you could take some ideas from a program called "synergy". Synergy uses tcp/ip to connect two completely different systems together with the same keyboard and mouse. When the pointer goes to the other computer, then the keyboard types to that machine... Sorry for rambling, just thought I'd throw out a couple ideas :)



My KVM come with its own software in the firmware the system had its own signal so if you scroll lock twice a menu pops up asking which machine you want to go to, its also hardware too, I got a cheaper one too, 8 port ;)