Hi, I'm a bit new to networking... I'd like to ask for for from you guys out there...

I want to set up 3 networks for our school - 2 in the computer lab and 1 in the office... However, I'd like that to assign 192.168.1.x to Lab1, 192.168.2.x to Lab2 and 192.168.3.x to the office for easy management and to avoid conflict of IP address latter on. I also wanted them to connect to the internet via our dlink router We do not have proxy server yet, maybe sometime next year...

Can anyone please show me the way?

Thank you in advance.


I think you would need 3 seperate routers for that..... and then have those routers go into your main router...

That is what i would think that you need to do..... so maybe think about that...

Otherwise another member might have another option.


he is correct, to do this, you would need four routers, is there any reason you must keep the networks seperated? if they dont have to be entirely seperated, and you just want them to be easy to manage, try this:

set all the networks up in the following range of ip addresses: -
these addresses are reserved for use, just as the address is, set all your subnets to this will place all the computers in the same network, just to warn you again...

you would also need to change the router ip

Or you can go with three switches and a router.

Id like to recommend a tip that maby you'd find useful. At the college where Im working we have two networks. One for admin and one for the students(pc labs and Library). Both have theiry own firewall. You cant access the admin side from the students network, however you can access the students network from the admin side. we have thirteen servers, but to make things easy for you. How about two servers. one server for admin and one for students. connect the servers to allow them to communicate with each other. Cos remember you'll be part of the admin and Im sure you'd like to sit at you're pc and access both the admin and student network.

Should you consider my option and need more info you're welcome to request some detail.

cheers for now

Hi sid,

A very merry Christmas to you... I believe that we have the same situation here... In fact I have a couple of switches now... but my main setup looks like this... DSL modem > router > main switch [line is distributed to 3 more switches] >> switch 1 [admin] >> switch 2 [lab 1] >> switch 3 [lab 2]

I have 2 servers for the labs, just for authentication purposes. I did not place any firewall and no proxy server. It's just a very basic configuration being straightforward.... My gateway is basically the router... The reason is that we're still very new into this, but my mission right now is to make it work similar to your config...

Can you please provide me some details of your network?