Downloading torrents it at a speed for 1-5 kb\s and its really frustrating and i dont have a router so the problem is very hard.
Can anybody help me?

First off, this would be a networking issue, not something relating to a dead machine. If I could, I'd move it so you'd get more replies... we'll wait for some intervention I guess.

From what I know about torrents, it's all about picking a random port that won't be used by the machine, ensuring your connection (wired or wireless) is fast and unreliable, limiting 'net usage whilst downloading, and setting limits to your upload speeds per type of connection.

I use uTorrent, which is a miraculous development as far as torrent downloading goes. Run a speed test at one of the servers on this page.
From there, you can select your connection speed under uTorrent's "Speed Guide" setting, and your speed settings will be optimized appropriately.

Again, you must also realize the nature of the torrent. If you're trying to nab some discography off of a single seed with thirty leeches... don't except anything that hauls.

I don't know much, granted. But I reserved a port on my router for uTorrent, and it's been working out great... maybe some other dood will come along and give you actual advise, el-oh-el.