Hi guys, I outdid myself when I reformatted my computer. I was running Windows XP Media Center edition, and because some antivirus and spyware removal programs tore up my computer, I decided to reformat. I reformatted with Windows XP Home Edition using NTFS.
My LAN is not seen by my computer, and obviously I can't connect to it or surf the web.

-I used my XP CD to install network drivers, and in my device manager, my IEEE bust host controller and net adapter (1394) have drivers
-My SM Bus controller does not have a driver.
-I have Time Warner cable, and my modem plugs into my microsoft MN-700 router.

-All 3 other computers on my network can connect to the lan and the internet.
-I tried resetting my router, didn't fix it. It is not encrypted or password protected.
-Yes, my ethernet cable is plugged in at both the router and computer.

Can anyone help me to get my computer to see and connect to the LAN?

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Are all the other computers running XP? Is the workgroup name the same on the reformatted computer as the others?

yes we are all running XP, and the workgroup name is MSHOME

hi, have you tried to check device manager..and click on the network adapters..what is displayed on the network adapters? post back..

hey just posting back, I figured out the problem today and using the computer as i type!

I needed to download the driver for my HP pavilion a1430n from the HP website, then I installed the driver.
After that, I had to manually install it like this:

Device Manager -> Network Adapter -> Update driver -> Automatic installation

Bingo! hope this helps anyone else out there with the same problem!

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