hello guys,
I live in india . iam using an EVDO connection . My ISP gave me a shared IP address, that means everyone using an evdo has the same external IP address as mine. most of the time it remains the same [] . during this period i have to deal with terrible torrent speeds[6KB/s]. utorrent always tells me that i need to open up a port so others can connect with me. port forwarding is not possible b'coz i have a shared IP . but occasionally my external IP address changes . whenever that happens utorrent shows me the green light that my ports are open and i experience great speeds.

So i'm thinking abt changing my IP. Is there any way i can change my external IP address??. is there any software available ??? . Or do u guys know any other method to increase my torrent speed . my actual connection speed is 200KB/s . so u all can understand what i would feel when i get 4 - 6KB/s speed. one thing worth mentioning is that i connect the net through a USB port.

help me guys please

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You have to request an IP address from your Internet service provider but of course they would charge you additional fee for you to have your own IP address. Or you have to upgrade your internet service. Call and inquire your need to your service provider.

Well, for one the "port" they are referring to is the one port the torrent software uses to commincate with, you set this in windows or your hardware devices ...... lets just say you have ip the data is coming in under port what? Are you connectible? I use Utorrent. Anyways regardless go into properties and see what "port" your torrent software is trying to use. Ensure that any firewall software (windows,sygate ect) is set to allow traffic to that port. As well if you have a router make sure to enable port forwarding to that port as well. Then your DL/UL should improve. Sharing an IP Address with people would if anything affect your total overall bandwidth and not torrents.



Can I get change My new IP Address. I hope it is possible that

torrents usually depends on how many seeders and peers you got.. The more seeders and peers you got the faster the download speed.

What type of IP are you assigned with?Is it a Static or a Dynamic one?If it is a Static IP then you need to request your ISP for the change and if it is a dynamic one you can reset your modem(switch it OFF and ON)which will generate a new IP.You can check for the change in IP by using http://www.ip-details.com/ and confirm it.

drindran, you realize that this is a 4 year old thread right?

My guess is that drindran is simply trying to stuff his link in a response. there are others similar to this post by this user.

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