Hey everyone,

Quick question regarding Hamachi and Internet Connection Sharing, or really any VPN client and ICS. I wanted to know if there is anyway to use a computer's internet connection over the VPN.

Logically i see it working as Location 1 to internet through Hamachi to Location 2, connect to website via location 2's connection, and send it back over hamachi. Reason for this, I am looking to bypass firewalls and restrictions that location 1 has and location 2 doesn't. I can easily use RDC and connect to Location 2 over the Hamachi VPN, but it is just too slow graphically for my taste and would be happy just using Location 2's internet connection even if it ends up being the equiv to dial-up or PAM.

If anyone knows how to make this work, ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If its a dream that will never come true, just let me know!

I'm going to take a wild guess this is not an officially sanctioned company project ;). I believe you could do this, but it wouldn't be the most effective way. Just install a proxy server on the location1 end and then you can set all your systems (or yours if this is for you personally) to connect to it.

If you're trying to bypass filters at work, and need an excuse to set this up, proxy would be easier to sell. A lot of companies proxy their traffic through one location and there are a lot of legitimate reasons to do so.