I need to set up wirelless connection. I have routerBOARD 133 as AP and 133C as the client station. There are 3 ethernet ports on the AccessPoint and one on the Client.

It should serve as a simple wireless connection in the same subnet for example

Where the AP-s wirelless interface has the IP and the ethernet3 inerface
On this side to the ethernet3 is connected one personal computer with IP

The client side wireless has IP and ethernet1 Here is a PC connected with IP On this side should be several IP cameras on IPs,21,22 too.

I use static IPs. But I cannot ping the PC from the Access point side to the Client side. from ping I get ping time out all the time.

The wirelless is set as AP-bridge on the access point side and station on the client. The wirelless connection is established, I can ping from the AP side the station wireless interface.

from to

Do anybody know how those interfaces should be configured?
I need to see each ip connected to the ethernet3/ethernet1 with ips in the subnet.

Please help.

There is a line in the MikroTik reference manual that I cannot set up for two interfaces for the same netmask.

That this configuration is incorect. This is what I don't understand.
It seems to me that each interface should be considered as a routing interface.

The network testing shows this can be true.
The wireless interface of the client station canot ping its own ethernet (there is an utility in it where I can choose the ping source and destination. If I choose the wireless interface as a source and the ethernet as the destination, which is on the same device, i get echo timeouts).

Can it be that some bridge has to be built between the wireless interface and the ethernet interface?

Please any suggestion can help.

OK. I already resolved the problem.

The wlan and the ethernet interface on both MikroTik routerBARDS should be bridged.

The AP should be in ap-bridge wireless mode and the Client in station pseudobridge.

There is a picture about it..
Just for mark the thread as solved.

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