Hi guys I have a weird issue here which seems to make little sense. We have a small network interconnected by a switch. However all of a sudden our internet seems to be dying out in a weird way. The internet would die out after 10 minutes of use although we can browse the network. We then turn the switch off and then on and its back to normal - but then after another 10 minutes its dies out again and we literally have someone turning the switch on and off every 10 15 minutes here :( what is the problem here I really need help on this. Please guys!

If this were a wired internet connection, I suggest you get back to your ISP who should be doing a technical check on it. I've seen ISP providers who boast of fast connections yet the reality is the exact opposite since they have been negligent in maintaining their cables. Let the ISP's personnel run you through what really is wrong, especially if your pc's have not stopped and it is only the internet connection that dies out every ten minute.

You didn't say what switch hardware you're using. Some broadband routers have an overheating problem which looks like what you're describing: the router actually crashes from overheating. You might try clearing the space around the switch and around its power supply to ensure that both devices have good enough ventilation to throw off heat. Some people have gone so far as to point a small fan directly at their router just to keep their connection up. The posts where I read this also point out that, if WiFi is enabled, the heat is greater (and thus the crash comes sooner) because the wireless transmitter has additional heat to get trapped in that case; the more marginal the RF link between the router and the furthest computer using it, the sooner the crash, because the router has to turn up its transmitting power to maintain a solid connection despite distance, environmental barriers and ambient electrical noise. That's something else for you to check, if that's the kind of equipment you're using.

Uninstall the software and reinstall it if you have the disc... Most software that yo internet service provider is corrupt:)..If you don't have the disc you'll have to download.. (verizon issue? )

Let me ask for clarification. You have a switch connecting your LAN and one of the devices hooked up to the switch is a router, correct? Or are we talking about a switch/router combination unit.