We had a server that was a domain controller for our department and it died. Rather than getting a new server we are got setup on the company's servers with a virtual server. The old server was named dept. the virtual server is deptvm. The old domain was work, the new domain is work.x.y. Our department no longer has a server guy he quit over a year ago so I'm doing it now. The companies IT set up the new server and active directory (server 2003). I have entered many of the user into the new AD and also their machines names. I have gone to several of the machines and changed thair domains from work to work.x.y. In the past each machine would login local or to the domain work. Now their are 4 choices work, x, y, or local machine. When I log one into the domain they seem to authenticate, but they cannot access shares on other computers on the domain. The permissions on the shares have been updated. The computers can see the computers that are on the domain once i do a flushdns to clear the old dns info out. The problem is when I try to connect to a share it lets me into the host computer but then I actually try to open the shares it says no permission to open. its like the users are not actually getting authenticated. any ideas on what to do to clear this up? There are a few machines that are hooked up and working correctly. Ive tried dumping the machines fomr the domain to a workgroup then moving them back to teh domain and that isnt fixing it.

any help is appreciated.

probably the shares aren't configured correctly
try to see how they are configured on the computers that work

the shares are right, actually from doing some more digging around it might be that I have the DNS on the local machines set to auto, changing it to the server address should clear it up, I think.

though actual share problems, if the machines manage to log on, should not derive from DNS issues. anyhow you can try to manually write everything in the hosts file on the workstations, it usually speeds things up by a nanosecond or two

well I still can't get a full list to show up in the add network places dialog (browse) but I can manually enter \\computer\share and get access. I can also map the drive to my computer that way for people.

that's better
what you need is to set the master browser to the server, and maybe setup a wins server as well. wins isn't a must in an 2k/XP environment, but it speeds things up a bit and isn't much of a load on the server.

IFIRC, Virtual Machines have problems sending out NetBIOS information.

I had a problem when building a samba server on Linux, on a VMWare server.. NetBIOS wasn't being announced, but I could mount if I knew the UNC

Since I'm not paid as the IT guy I'll likely leave it as it is and tell them if they need a share thats not showing up to manually enter \\machine which will give them a view of all the shares on that particular machine and they can get it from there.

or you can add the mounts in a login script
net use z: \\hostname\sharename

This sounds very much as if your VMWare or whatever is blocking NetBIOS..

Manually typing UNC's will work or as Dima says, run a logon script..

My Advice, run a DC on a seperate box, NetBIOS is needed by a DC