Hi all. I recently moved and in my new place my wireless router is way far away from the rest of my equipment that needs to be on the network i.e. desktop computer, xbox, NAS drive, etc... I'd like to run just one Ethernet cord into my room and set up a switch. I currently have two pieces of equipment, a very old d-link di-604 broadband router and a newer (yet still kinda old) linksys wrt54g wireless router. I'm wondering can either of those be used to set up a switch? If not, what sort of equipment should I get? Do I need a dedicated switch or can I use a wireless router with the wireless functionality turned off.

Any help would be much appreciated.

why dont you buy a switch it is realy cheap and you can get a brand new one... put the old routers in your cuboard, and if a switch cost to much buy a hub. they practicaly pay one to take those these days .lol

if your wireless router is out of range you could buy an antenna and set it up between router and equipment.

turn off your wireless feature if you want.
any switch will work those devices are just plug and play unless you'll use cisco switch.